Web creation between schools – eTwinning

Collaboration between schools
  1. About the project

The project consists of the creation of a website for each mixed group of two different schools.The students of one of the schools develop content (free or driven by teachers) and the students from the other school receive that content and fix it on a website.

  1. Aims

  1. To interact between countries and have experience to remember apart from the work to be done.
  2. To work initially on an idea and do all to obtain a published result.
  1. Work process

Schools involved

  • School A: They have to work in a subject, create and look for content like text, images, videos, audios, infographics, etc about their subject. The subject can be any, they have to choose, i.e.: famous people or historical battles in their area, any kind of local touristic promotion showing business, places to visit, any kind of science development, a portfolio of the work done by students during the course, etc.
  • School B: Marketing and Publicity VET students. They are working on this project as a service to develop and obtain an internet webpage with the content created by the groups at School A.

Mixed groups

  • The groups are formed mixed: 3-4-5 of each school. Flexible, to be defined.
  • Each mixed group has a different subject to develop.

Contact methods

  • eTwinning platform, email and, when possible, synchronous videoconferencing.
  • To be defined if the groups have direct contact between them or it has to be through the teachers.


Approximation, it can be changed when defined.

Phase 1 – Before or after X

  • First contact to know each other, preferably via videoconferencing.
  • School 1 starts defining the subject and the content to be shown.
  • School 2 starts defining the technical requirements and develops the strategy document for the project.

Phase 2 – Before end month/year

  • The project has to be defined by this time.
  • Each group has to concrete all the sections, main content, and most of the multimedia content. The website, even not being finished, has to show real content.
  • Each group develops a shared document with the actions taken and the to-do list.

Phase 3 – Before end month/year

  • Finalization of the webpage.
  • Each group presents a final memorandum.
  • Optionally, via videoconference, a presentation of each work.

Phase 4 – Difusion – Optional (to be defined) – Before end month/year

  • School A students look for other webpages, directories, social media, etc to spread the project.
  • School B students give consultancy and define a plan.
  1. Expected results

  1. Some websites, and possible social media, with the content to show.
  2. In the student’s personal aspect: to be proud to participate in this project.

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